Klennet Disk Imager

Klennet Disk Imager is a software primarily to create copies or image files of damaged hard drives. What the imager can do for you:

  • Read lightly or moderately damaged drives, using either single-pass or multi-pass processing with configurable timeouts and retries.
  • Read disk image files, raw, VHD, or VHDX formats.
  • Pause imaging, shut down, and continue imaging after restart.
  • Automatically power cycle USB drives whenever possible.
  • Write standard raw images (sector-by-sector copies), or Microsoft VHD or VHDX images.
  • Write copies of data to physical drives.
  • Compute MD5, SHA1, and SHA-256 hashes while imaging.

WARNING: In some cases of mechanical damage, persistent attempts to image the drive will cause further damage. These cases need professional handling. If your drive is mechanically damaged, you should only attempt software imaging if the data is not valuable. With mechanical damage, bad sectors, and valuable data, seek a lab assistance.