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Frequently asked questions

Will Klennet Carver work with my X?

... where X can be a camera, a media type, a file format, or whatever else.

There is no answer to that. On average, it will. Results cannot be predicted for specific cases - there are far too many factors at play for any reliable prediction. You should download and try the evaluation. It does not cost anything and it does not change anything on the media, so if it does not work, you still have an option to try some other software or to send your media to lab.

I scanned my media for MP4 video, and Klennet Carver finds none

MP4 files are effectively containers holding various kinds of video, audio, and metadata. Klennet Carver may require certain calibration for variations I have never seen before, because Carver is designed to discard anything it does not recognize. If Carver finds no video where you expect it to, send me a support request along with a single small known-good sample video file taken by the same camera. The content of the sample video does not really matter. If you are going to record the sample video, make sure NOT to use the memory card with the damaged data. Do not ever write or save anything to the media containing damaged data.

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