Difference between fixing JPEG files and full-scale carving

There are many software tools to fix damaged JPEG files. One example is Stellar JPEG Repair, and you can easily google for more. These tools generally take a damaged JPEG file, or several damaged JPEG files, and fix them by some or other algorithm. They are normally applied to the output of some other data recovery process, most often to the output of the header-footer carver.

The difference between this approach and full-scale complex carving which Klennet Carver does is that complex carving has access to all the data on the media, whereas file repair tools are limited to the data which is already in the source files. Complex carving algorithms evaluate all data on the media to make best decision about which data sectors belong to which file. This makes the process much slower, but also dramatically improves the end result, because it accounts for multi-fragment files, which have more than one fragment, and for scrambled files, when fragments are out of order.

Created Friday, September 29, 2017

Updated 20 May 2018