Privacy policy

Customer information

I get your name, billing address, and email with every order. The email address is used to send a license key to you, and that's it. The billing address is stored in case I need to refer to it for the license key replacement, and I do not use it for any other purpose.

Credit card information.

I'm not getting any credit card data. Depending on various factors, either FastSpring, 2Checkout, or PayProGlobal handles the credit card operations, and they are certified accordingly. You may find their respective privacy policies here:

Software usage statistics

My software sends some usage information (telemetry) back to me, including feature usage, performance data, and crash reports. The following considerations apply:

  1. A number unique to the PC is sent along with data. There is no way to associate this number with a particular PC. This number is used to distinguish between an error occurring multiple times on the same PC and the same error occurring on multiple PCs.
  2. Performance data and crash reports do not include any data from the storage being processed. No user data is ever sent as part of the telemetry.