Imager requirements

Klennet Disk Imager requires

  • Windows 7 or later;
  • x64 PC;
  • .NET 4.5 or later installed; this comes automatically with Windows 8 or later, or you need to install it (from here) on Windows 7;
  • Enough disk space to hold the target image.

Supported sources are

  • Physical drives (512-byte and 4K sectors);
  • Logical drives;
  • Raw disk images (dd-style);
  • Fixed or dynamic VHD disk images;
  • Fixed or dynamic VHDX disk images.

Supported targets are

  • Physical drives;
  • Raw disk images (dd-style);
  • Dynamic VHD disk images (2TB max because of VHD format limitation);
  • Dynamic VHDX disk images.

Are bootable configurations supported?

You can theoretically build a .NET-capable boot media, but I don't support these.