Klennet RAID Viewer

Klennet RAID Viewer is a small freeware tool to investigate a block size and layout of an unknown RAID.

  • Determine RAID block size and starting offset.
  • Automatically detect and highlight which drives are mirrors of each other.
  • See parity blocks and block ordering.
  • Assign drives in RAID50 and RAID60 to their corresponding RAID5 and RAID6 groups.
  • Works with most RAID traditional levels.
  • Does not work with ZFS RAIDZ or Microsoft Storage Spaces.
  • Does not work with fully encrypted volumes.
  • Does not work with HP delayed parity.
RAID6 block map

Block view for a sample RAID 6, generated automatically from data on disks.

Data recovery technicians working with RAID disk sets will find Klennet RAID Viewer useful to confirm or eliminate RAID layout variants. This is required when customer is not able to provide reliable RAID layout information. RAID Viewer is also useful with complex RAID arrays like RAID50 or RAID60 to assign the RAID disks to their corresponding RAID5 or RAID6 groups. Last not least, it may be fun to watch.

Because computing data properties for RAID blocks involves significant computation effort, RAID Viewer is very CPU-intensive.