Klennet Recovery

Klennet Recovery is a general-purpose DIY data recovery software.


  • Recovers FAT, exFAT, NTFS, HFS+, APFS, BTRFS, EXT, F2FS, and XFS filesystems;
  • built-in automatic validation and a manual preview of the recovered files;
  • RAID analyzer to detect block size and order on RAID0 and RAID5;
  • creates disk image files (raw, VHD, or VHDX).

For a more detailed description of the capabilities, look here.

System requirements

Klennet Recovery requires at least Windows 10 and an internet connection.


The basic workflow is quite simple and typical for logical data recovery work: download, install, orient yourself in the disk and partition list, select the partition you are interested in and scan it.

If you need something more complicated, refer to the manual for more details on specific capabilities and features.

If you are recovering something from your system partition, do not install Klennet Recovery onto the system partition; install it elsewhere instead.

Evaluation version limitations

The evaluation version has all the same functions as the licensed version, except the evaluation version does not copy the files out.

Customers say

Discovered Klennet Recovery from Zero Assumption Recovery(ZAR) as we were trying out to recover critical data from failed QNAP NAS. ZAR is the only recovery tool that found bits of data from the RAID, although it is not yet compact or fully readable, it gave us hope.

We took our chance with Klennet Recovery and to our surprise, found and recovered the missing 8TB LUN in which QNAP HQ advised us to check with data recovery companies as they couldn't recover the missing LUN. With the assistance of Alexey on the usage of the software, the day was saved. Alexey is extremely professional, helpful and informative. We just hope not to need this software again but it is good to know that our friend Alexey exist.

This is the GOAT of data recovery softwares. Believe us cause on this case we've tried several recovery softwares(PAID/FOSS) and Klennet will just let you sit back and relax.