Supported file formats

Klennet Carver works with specific file formats. However, each of the file formats has multiple variations, even though the title is still the same. As examples, JPEG may use one of several compression methods, and MP4 video can mix and match any of several compatible video formats with any compatible audio formats.

Sometimes, Carver needs some recalibration in order to accommodate specific variation of the file format. If you can't get a proper recovery with the evaluation version of the Carver, send me a support request and I will look into your case.

Image files

  • JPEG,
  • CR2 Canon raw images,
  • NEF Nikon raw images.

Video files

  • MP4 video, encoded in H.264 format (file extensions MOV, MP4, 3GP),
  • AVI video files,
  • MPEG-2 video files (AVICHD, MTS),
  • DAV video files (used by Dahua video recorders).

ZIP-based formats

  • ZIP archives,
  • Microsoft Office ZIP-based formats: DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX.

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