Klennet Carver System Requirements

  • Operating system: 64-bit Windows 10 or later, .NET 4.8.
  • CPU: Whatever best desktop CPU you have available. There is no minimum CPU requirement, but processing speed is almost exclusively limited by CPU performance. You can scan the media on a laptop, but it will take bloody ages.
  • RAM: 2 GB per logical processor (see below), 8 GB minimum.
  • An always-on or a near always-on internet connection.

CPU selection considerations

Complex carving is CPU-intensive. Therefore, if you have a choice of several PCs, pick the one with the best CPU. To determine which one is the best, multiply the CPU frequency by the number of logical processors supported by this CPU. The CPU with the higher value wins. You can check the number of logical processors (also called the number of threads) in the Windows Task Manager, Performance tab, CPU section.

Source media considerations

Klennet Carver reads the same area of the source media repeatedly. Some parts will be read ten or more times. Therefore, if you are working with a slow, small media, like an SD card, you will be much better off creating a disk image of it and then working with that image stored on an SSD or even on a fast hard drive. You can use Klennet Recovery evaluation or any other disk imaging tool to create the disk image file.

To alleviate this, Klennet Carver uses up to 1/4th of physical memory for caching. However, if the media you need to recover is larger than 8 GB, the disk image stored on SSD will be faster.

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