ZFS Recovery remote assistance

I designed Klennet ZFS Recovery to be reasonably easy to use, especially for someone with sysadmin experience. It requires bootable Windows, but anyone who has built their own FreeNAS/TrueNAS unit or maintains an industrial ZFS-based system will have no problem with the setup. Well, it is as easy to understand and use as ZFS itself.

However, if you think your case is extra complex for whatever reason, or if you want me to oversee the recovery for you, I can do that for a fee. You still have to provide your own hardware and do the physical part of the configuration work, but I will do all the planning, whatever research may be needed, and all the software-related work myself using remote access software.

If you rather have my assistance than do the recovery yourself, the situation is probably quite complex. Since there is no way to know what amount of work or research is required without knowing all the details of the specific situation, there is no fixed pricing.

If you are interested, please submit a support request outlining your situation. Make sure to include all the details you think are even remotely relevant.