Klennet Storage Software

Klennet Carver

What is Klennet Carver?

Klennet Carver is the tool to recover fragmented files when filesystem is badly damaged.

  • Klennet Carver only recovers specific file formats
    • JPEG images,
    • CR2 Canon raw image files,
    • NEF Nikon raw image files,
    • Certain variants of MP4 video files.
  • it recovers fragmented files when standard data recovery does not work;
  • it is designed for small media, like digital camera memory cards;
  • it works with the entire media, the whole memory card, or with a whole-disk image file of the memory card, instead of trying to fix files already recovered.

Why the need for another recovery tool?

Klennet Carver is designed for one specific case - when the filesystem is damaged to the extent that no useful metadata can be retrieved. This happens surprisingly often; on a FAT filesystem, it is enough to format the media to have all the file location metadata irreversibly removed.

Files on disk can either be stored contiguously, that is, in a single piece, or files can be fragmented, that is, stored in several non-adjacent pieces. Small files tend to be contiguous; large files tend to be fragmented. When there is no metadata, there is nothing to point the recovery tool to all the fragments of the file. With contiguous files, the recovery is still trivial - find the file header and copy some amount of data after the header. With fragmented files, search for the remaining fragment is very comlpex, and common data recovery tools do not handle fragmented files.

Enter Klennet Carver. It examines content on the media and then tries to assemble files from their respective fragments. This is a long, complex, and imperfect process. If part of a file data was overwritten, this data cannot be recovered, and only partial file will be recovered. However, on a typical memory card you get 10% to 20% improvement over standard data recovery process. Furthermore, this improvement mostly applies to high-resolution images.

Show me some examples


Damaged sample image

This is the file as recovered by simple carving (so called header-footer algorithm)

Correct sample image

This is the same file recovered by Klennet Carver.

Note: Samples were downsized to better fit the website.